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Garden pond construction and design.

Garden pond construction and design was and is the basis of our establishing The Pond Company some 15 years ago. Garden pond design and garden pond construction has evolved into a fine art of developing large pools, lakes, wildlife and koi pools and water-features tailored to your needs. Every aspect of garden pond construction is designed through to completion, with every possible finishing touch. Click through the pages of your choice and feel free to contact us or alternatively, e-mail us to have your perfect garden pond design.

Formal pools, Koi ponds and Water features page.
Wildlife pond construction and design page.
Lake construction and large pond design page.

Here we illustrate formal, natural and large ponds, a broader range can be seen on subsequent pages. Most of the photographs are as we have left the site, some show the pond or lake where we have been able to return, to take photo’s showing them a few years on.
What we aim to show is the vast array of different designs and that no two ponds tend to be alike as your site, your tastes and budgets will vary, the latter determining to what extent the pond is finished off from peripheral landscaping and planting, to other architectural hard landscaping.

Before you browse through our pages showing other types of ponds and water features, our services, without obligation are;

  1. Free site survey.
  2. Free itemised pricing for your garden pond, water feature or lake.
  3. Optional artwork at minimal cost.
  4. A complete package of landscaping with our sister company "Classic Landscapes".
  5. The option of a once or twice yearly maintenance package tailored to your needs for your pond and filter system.
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